Friday, June 17, 2011


This is something I wrote several years ago.

All too often, Christians go to church out of duty-or guilt
All too often, Christians know when to sit or stand
All too often, Christians know which words to repeat and when to repeat them
All too often, they don’t know why thy do it- or even what it means
All too often, Christians aren’t even Christians at all.

All too often, Christians are fed crumbs- 
just enough to satisfy them until the Next “church day”
All too often, Christians don’t know they are starving.
All too often, Christians don’t know there is a feast available
And if they do they don’t know where to find it.

Oh God! I’m tired of starving, tired of crumbs, tired of just getting by. 
God, give me depth, give me Your feast, fill me up today,
But make me hungry tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, 
never quench my hunger for You.
I’m tired of religion-give me a relationship.
I’m tired of empty-give me full.
I’m tired of shallow-give me deep.
I’m tired of meaningless words and babble-make my words joyful unto You.
I’m tired of tired- give me strength.
Father, I want Your feast-I’m tired of crumbs.


  1. I really, really like this. May I use it sometime with credit to my amazing friend?

  2. Awesome poetry, Cathy. You really should have Christian set it to music. I'd love to see an original piece from our church band!

  3. Angie, Of course you can share it! Eric, we do have an original piece. Leila wrote a song that has been done a few times its called "He Loved Me." I can't remember how it goes right now but it's the one that ends with singing "Jesus Loves Me."
    thank you for the compliments.