Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bleach pen painted t-shirts.

I have recently discovered Pintrest.... bad idea. Now I have all these fun crafty ideass swirling around in my head and I want to try them all-NOW. Luckily for me my friend, Leila, is having a birthday party for her two youngest children this weekend and it just happens that one of the crafts I wanted to try would be perfect as birthday presents.  YAY!!

Little man and I went to the store today and bought three t-shirts (Nick wanted to make one too), some regular chalk and a bleach pen. That's all you need for this project. We brought the shirts home and rinsed and dried them (in case of buggies)-Yes we bought them at a thrift store but I'm a thrifty mamma and they were in perfect condition.

Nick contemplating what he wants to draw

First, I cut cardboard to put inside the shirts (we didn't want the bleach to bleed thru)  and then we took chalk to draw a template of the design we wanted on the shirt. 

This is Maries's shirt with chalk template

Nick's shirt. He wanted a picture of him and Sam.
Next we took the bleach pen and drew over the chalk. We let the shirts sit a while so the bleach will work. Nick and Marie's shirts only took about 10 minutes for the discoloration, Sam's took a bit longer- 30 minutes or so. The blog I read with these instructions said that newer shirts take longer to discolor-anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Sam's is a tough guy. 

When the shirts look like they've discolored to my liking I took out the cardboard. You need to be really careful doing this. I didn't think about the shirt folding over on itself and getting bleach on parts you don't want bleach. I carefully rinsed them out in the sink, washed and dried them. Now Nick's is ready to wear and Sam and Marie's are ready to wrap for Sunday!

Nick in his new shirt. L-R, Iron Man, Sam, Nick.

This is a great project for shirts that may already have small bleach splatters on them. I wore a navy shirt while doing this project and have a small bleach spot on my shirt... I guess I'll have to make one for me now. ~grin~

These are so fun and easy!
Nick drew his chalk template all by himself and I helped him (hand-over-hand) with the bleach pen.
We worked together on Sam's.
And I did Marie's- Nick didn't want to do a "girlie" shirt.

I'll add pics of Sam and Marie with their shirts after the party.

Thank you so much to the mamma's over at Homemade Mama's for such awesome ideas.

Ok, now no one ruin the surprise for Sam and Marie.....

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  1. Cute. I've been wanting to try this, but with pumpkin stencils so I don't have to free hand my design.

  2. The cool think about the chalk is if you mess it up, it rubs right off.