Thursday, June 4, 2015

June Challenge Update 1

So, we are what, 4 days in?

My eating has been MUCH better. I've been eating veggies at almost every meal. A lot of salads. And very little sweets. I think portion control is what has been getting me. They tell you that to gauge your portions you should eat until you feel full and if you are hungry much more before three hours you did not eat enough and if you are very full much longer than three hours later you ate too much.

I'm doing well with water, I don't think I did so well today tho.

I did have a soda last night, at church because bottled soda just showed up in our youth room, and you can't just pass up bottled Pepsi with real sugar.

Where I have been failing is exercising. I worked out on Monday and for some reason I just haven't since... maybe I'm lazy.

I have been getting up and getting dressed first thing in the morning, with make up on, and keeping up with housework.

So there's an update on my first 4 days. I won't give you an line by line because, I really don't think you want to read that. If you do want it, I'll give it to you.

I'm down a few pounds too!

How is everyone else doing with your goals?


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